'Back to Earth' at Serpentine Galleries, London

Throughout Summer 2022, Serpentine presents a Back to Earth exhibition and live programme that reflect how we can learn from diverse experiences to create change.


Back to Earth considers ecology as embedded in everyday practices and agencies. Rather than celebrating escape strategies from Earth, reserved for the few, the project roots itself firmly in the messy and complex realities of the ground we all walk on. 

Echoing the global response to the climate crisis, Back to Earth is a complex web of interconnected research, interventions and activities. Interdisciplinary at its core, Back to Earthmanifests across Serpentine’s onsite, offsite and online programmes. It shares its resources in order to amplify ongoing projects or campaigns around the climate emergency, as well as to develop new ones. Back to Earth asks: What new ecosystems can foster agency within organisations? Which kinds of research-sharing, resource-sharing and collaborative working practices can help us find multifaceted responses to complex problems? How can arts institutions bring visibility to climate actions that create positive change for communities, places and imaginations around the world?

June 3, 2022