Adham Faramawy works across media including moving image, sculptural installation, photography and wall-based works to explore issues around queer identities, the migrant subject position and queer ecologies.  Their work teases out the complexities of minority subject positions. Earlier works such as 'Skin Flick' (2019) use technology and its relationship to the body to articulate how we navigate technologies in order to create identifications and participate in the ongoing processes of identity. More recent works such as 'The air is subtle, various and sweet' (2021) begin with a consideration of what is 'natural' and what is 'invasive' in plants and ecology in order to open up meditations on the subject positions of migrants and refugees. These recent works that also include ‘Proposal for a Parakeet’s Garden’ tease out that relationship between the histories that make us, and how we might stand apart from those for a moment, in order to consider ourselves as subjects who have agency. 


Adham Faramawy is an artist of Egyptian descent based in London. They have had screenings at the Guggenheim Museum, New York; Tate Modern, London; Serpentine Gallery, London and Serpentine Ecologies Symposium, London;  They have had recent exhibitions at Science Museum, Melbourne; Buffalo University Gallery, Buffalo (group); the Bernis Center, Omaha (group); Centre for Contemporary Arts Goldsmiths (London); Niru Ratnam Gallery, London (solo), Somerset House, London (group) and  and Science Gallery, London (solo). They were shortlisted for the Jarman award 2021 and 2017.