'Break the Binaries' at the Science Gallery, Melbourne

A new exhibition presents a kaleidoscopic view of identity, gender and the world around us featuring Adham Faramawy

Installations from local and international artists will present a playful and kaleidoscopic view of identity and genders, and their relationship with science, technology, culture, race, sexuality and creativity. 


BREAK THE BINARIES builds on GENDERS: Shaping and Breaking the Binary, which took place at Science Gallery London, King’s College London. It will feature key UK artists and collectives including Adham Faramawy, whose works boldly reflect a new wave of hybrid creative practice spanning moving image, sound, sculptural installation, advocating for empowerment and social change. 


Supported by the UK/Australia Season Patrons Board, the British Council and the Australian Government as part of the UK/Australia Season, in collaboration with Science Gallery London, Kings College London. 

February 14, 2023